As I remember this was the attraction that gave me the basic idea to create the “attraction map”, because I did not want to forget this hard-to-find-location.

Years ago family decided to take a trip to Vermont for the first time. So I started searching the internet for interesting spots for us and for a 5 years old.
That time I found a blog post about this place, but really needed to do research to find the website to get more info, and address.
RuggleMine“The Oldest and Most Spectacular Mica, Feldspar, Beryl Mine in the US.”
You go there, get a hammer and bucket and start to hammer for gems! Like I said. Amethyst, Garnet and Rose Quartz are all over, you just have to find and hammer them out!
It is beautiful and so much fun!

It was a crystal mine years ago, but got closed. Now days, there is still blasting once in a while and new areas to explore, but the mine is open for public. Quartz and quartz everywhere, white , shiny and beautiful.