Planing a trip with your kids?

Here is a map where you can find all different interesting spots all along the way.

Zoom in to the area and click on the marks for more info. Mostly for website address. The site is work-in-progress, I am adding more and more spots, but it takes time. Send me a message if you know an attraction to add.

About me: I love maps and I like to travel.

When we moved to Massachusetts from California, I started searching for day trips and attractions for our family. I started collecting information about interesting places and trips from blog posts, but did not know where to store them so I won’t forget them. I am also a visual person, and wanted to see where these places are, how far they are from us.
There was the time, when I found Google map, and started to create a map with the information I collected. It was easy to see, how far they are, and I could also add personal info, or web address to it.


Every time when we decided to take a longer tour, I researched the area and the route surrounding for attractions. This is how we ended up in an open crystal mine in New Hampshire.


Is your favorite place is not listed? What a shame!


Email me to add it to the map!


Email me to add a new place!

How to navigate on the map:

There are several layers for you to separate the different interesting places on the map. Just click on the menu icon at the top left corner to choose what kind of attractions do you want to see.

  • OUTDOOR: Zoos, beaches, hiking trails, parks, botanical gardens, outdoor museums, etc…. you got the point, right?
  • FUN PARKS: Theme parks, puppet theaters, rock claiming places, jumping places, indoor playgrounds
  • FACTORY TOURS: The name says it all! Cheese Factory tours, Ice Cream factory tours , TeddyBear Factory tours, etc…
  • AQUARIUMS & MUSEUMS: No explanation needed, I guess. 🙂

Then zoom in to the location you are planning the trip to and  click to the markers. The markers tell the name, address and website that I believe it worth to visit. Of course these are only what I was able to find worth to save to the map, but there is definitely more. If you KNOW a place that you feel I need to add to the map, contact me please!

Trip to Washington DC

Trip to Washington DC

This April, me and my family took a trip to Washington DC, and being an 11 year old kid I am, I was pretty excited. The trip there was pretty fun because we drove through Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and a little bit of Maryland. Then we finally arrived at the main part of our journey, the District Of Columbia.

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Ruggles Mine, NH

Ruggles Mine, NH

s I remember this was the attraction that gave me the basic idea to create the “attraction map”, because I did not want to forget this hard-to-find-location.

Years ago family decided to take a trip to Vermont for the first time. So I started searching the internet for interesting spots for us and for a 5 years old.
That time I found a blog post about this place, but really needed to do research to find the website to get more info, and address.

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Kimball Farm, Westford, MA

Kimball Farm, Westford, MA

After a lazy Saturday, I decided to visit a new place, Kimball Farm in Westford, MA. I had a coffee there with a videographer couple of months ago in a quite corner of the village store, and I just peeked in to the play area that time.
According the Kimball Farm’s website there is Mini Golf, Bumper Boats, Golf Driving Range, Animal Adventure and of course home made ice cream.
We decided to buy the Mini-Golf Bumper Boat Combination tickets and that was the best.

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